Has aviation been grounded by COVID-19?

Businesses in the aviation and aerospace sector operate in a fast-moving, dynamic and challenging global environment.

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Prior to the onset of COVID-19, the global pandemic, many were busy embracing new technologies to gain a competitive advantage, allowing them to not only survive but also thrive. The onset of COVID-19 has brought the aviation industry to its knees and not only represents the biggest challenge and disruption the sector has ever experienced, but also one which will shape it for many years to come.

Series 2 - Coronavirus and the Aviation Sector: The Short and Long Game

Quantuma and the Airline Management Group have teamed up again to take another in depth look at what is happening in the aviation sector, this time looking at its short and long term prospects.

Look out for the four part second series as its released over the coming days here on our website and on Airline Management Group’s LinkedIn channels and website.


Part One - Liquidity in the Aviation Sector

In part one of our second series, Paul Zalkin, a partner in the Quantuma restructuring and insolvency team interviews experts from the Airline Management Group to take an in-depth look at what is happening in the aviation sector, looking at its short and long term prospects.

In this video the team shares insight in to what liquidity looks like in the sector.


Part Two - Systemic Change for the Industry

In part two of our second series, the team explores the systemic changes for the industry including what transformations will take place and what the network, fleet and capacity will look like.

Part Three - Consumer Demand & the Customer Journey

In part three of our second series, the team delves in to what might happen to consumer demand and how changes may impact the customer journey.

Part Four - Aviation Industry Supply Chain

In the final part of our second series, the team moves its focus on to the supply chain covering what the impact will be on airports, OEMs, airline suppliers and the travel industry eco-system as a whole.

Missed the first series? Watch parts 1-4 below:
Has the sector been grounded?

Interviews with the Airline Management Group. 

In conjunction with the Airline Management Group, we have been exploring the impact the pandemic has had on the sector. Our restructuring partner Paul Zalkin interviews Peter Davies (CEO), Ben Leon (Chief Commercial Officer) and Augusto Viansson Ponte (Director of Strategy and Planning) in a series of videos designed to provide new insight into the challenges it is facing and support those businesses navigating their way through it.

Please click below to watch each episode of series one.


What we do for our clients in the aviation sector

We proactively advise businesses to help them to achieve their business aspirations and overcome a range of associated challenges. These clients have included:

  • European airlines
  • Aerospace companies
  • Financial stakeholders in the sector
  • Aircraft lessors
  • Travel companies; and 
  • other key players in this sector.  

Our specialist team operates across borders and has deep experience in corporate finance, due diligence, financial advisory, forensic accounting and investigations and restructuring and insolvency.

Our team also specialise in advising businesses who operate in the aviation supply chain.


Our experience
  • Acted for an airline with a dispute with an airport
  • Valuation of a major European Airline
  • Valuation of a small fleet of Boeing 747s
  • Pre-insolvency advice to a European Airline
  • Realisation of aircraft as assets in insolvency matters 
  • Administration over group that ran military surveillance aircraft and emergency air transportation between Middle East to Europe for the UK MOD.   Sale of equipment / aircraft and contracts

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